Kohler Experience Centre, Jakarta, Indonesia


dpa lighting consultants were delighted to be appointed as lighting design consultants for the latest Kohler Experience Centre in Jakarta, Indonesia, working very closely with the Kohler client body and interior designers, GA Design.

Providing outstanding luxury products and unparalleled level of services to design professionals and homeowners alike, Kohler reinvented its approach to global showrooms with the creation of the Kohler Experience Centre. Going beyond the traditional showroom, Kohler Experience Centres offer individuals and design professionals a truly elevated brand experience; combining design, art and architecture in a multisensory space to create a more intimate understanding of their products and services.

The GA Design celebrates the unique landscape and culture of Indonesia, creating that link between Kohler and Indonesia. This has been achieved by the creation of structures or ‘islands’ guiding the visitor through the spaces and the different Kohler ranges on offer. The lighting enhances these spaces creating individual identity to each unique ‘island’ whilst providing coherence and continuity by employing the same product palette, colour temperatures and techniques throughout. The lighting highlights these intriguing structures and further enhances the diversity of materials used, showing off Kohler’s truly luxurious product range whilst providing the users with a sense of discovery by exploring the forms and textures of each space. The latest experience centre really is an immersive theatrical experience providing lasting impressions to the visitor.

Client: Kohler
Interior Designer: GA Design
Photography: Courtesy of Kohler