Manns Wines, Wine Cellar Renovation, Nagano, Japan

Restaurants & Bars / Retail

Manns Wines treats their special guests to fantastic dishes at their Private Dining Room and Cellar which was designed by Interior Designers – Design Eight.

dpa’s scope of work consisted of the Wine Cellar, the Tasting Room, and the Dining Room. All of these facilities are located underground in the garden next to the winery and close to the vineyards so artificial lighting was an extremely important component to the interior spaces.

In the cellar wine bottles are displayed on shelves with concealed linear LED. Refraction of the light from the wine bottles and their contents creates a beautiful glowing ambience with the wine becoming luminous. Table stand decorative lights form a line along the wall producing a relaxing atmosphere and softening the overall ambience this also leads guests into the tasting room.

Original wine racks have been reused to create a display wall in the tasting room, with light emanating from beneath to create a graphic dot pattern on the wall.

As always the lighting control is an essential part of the proposal with each different lighting element separately circuited and dimmed to allow a variety of lighting scenes to be created.

Photography courtesy of Joshua Lieberman

Interior Designer: Design Eight