Masala Zone Piccadilly Circus, London

Restaurants & Bars

The concept was to create a space with multiple layers of decoration within this well-known London dining room, dating back from 1874 and now Grade II* listed. The Client’s had a clear vision to create visual interest at the lower levels, with just incidental light brushing on to the neo-Byzantine mosaic ceiling. Breaking the linear space up into a series of smaller areas all having their own character, but aesthetically harmonious was also an important part of the brief using light.

The challenge of this project is its Grade II* listed status, no lights could be attached to the historic fabric. With our desire to create drama, together with the Client and Interior Designer we developed perimeter panels free of the historic fabric where lighting could be appropriately located, together with a variety of screens where again lighting elements could be seamlessly integrated. The artwork, displays and objects are authentic and the lighting is designed to show these elements off.

To provide great flexibility and minimise the quantity of cables, given the restricted routes in this historic building we adopted a DALI protocol and then carefully balanced each element in each area to express the decoration in a theatrical manner, whilst still having focus on the most important thing, the tables and the diners.

Client: MW Eat/Masala Zone Piccadilly Circus, Ranjit Mathrani, Namita Panjabi & Camellia Panjabi
Interior Designer: Design Wilkes – Jeffrey Wilkes
Architect: ARP Architects – Crispin Wright