Media One Office Lobby, Dubai, UAE

Working in conjunction with LW Design on the interior spaces dpa have produced lighting responses to each area within this important and significant project.

The client wanted a contemporary business hotel with an appropriate feel for its location in the centre of Media City. The hotel and office were aimed to appeal to media executives that wanted an environment that reflects their own lifestyle i.e. state of the art facilities set within visually stimulating contemporary interiors.

The public areas flow seamlessly from one space to another but each having its own character. The lighting was designed to carefully integrate with the interior spaces and enhance the visual experience.

The hotel public areas have colour change backlit walls, stunning decorative lights and punches of illumination to create theatre and drama. There is a visual connection at ground level between the inside and outside and many of the public spaces enjoy excellent daylight. The lighting of each space is linked to a computer controlled dimming / scene set system that automatically adjust the light to suite the time of day, thus making the operation simple. The control system also minimises wasted energy use which is of course an important issue for all projects whilst balancing maintainability and visual impact.

The contemporary language of the project is taken through into the guest rooms with glass walls to bathrooms and floating panels emphasized by light, soft indirect light to the shelving units, integrated lighting to the wardrobes and function decorative lighting to attend the guest needs.

The final result of the project is the creation of a fresh contemporary hotel and office that has its own distinctive character where light and interiors seamlessly integrate to produce really visually stimulating experiences in every area of this complex.

Client: Media One Dubai
Interior Designer: LW Design Group