Merton College Chapel, Oxford University, UK


dpa were asked to design and extend the lighting scheme for the thirteenth century Chapel at Merton College (originally designed and completed by dpa in 2005), to include the Ante Chapel in which a magnificent new organ was to be installed.

The scheme, which included LED projectors mounted in the Tower Gallery to light the organ, slim linear LED fixtures to uplight the stone tracery of the windows and metal halide projectors, mounted on top of the entrance porch to uplight the roof structure, was completed in November 2013.

All light sources were specified in warm white to enhance the rich gothic decoration with the high level LED projectors (using high colour rendering LEDs), enriching the timber tracery and painted components of the new organ.

Although there was no direct light focused on the areas to the left and right of the organ, the indirect light contribution of the uplit windows and roof increased the overall light levels in these areas enough to satisfy the college’s brief to dpa which was to design a lighting scheme so that these areas could be used for social functions.