Mint Leaf of London, Dubai, UAE

Restaurants & Bars

Recently the Mint Leaf of London restaurant opened its doors in the heart of Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC), at the 15th floor of the Emirates Financial Towers, South Tower. With a fine selection of authentic Indian cuisine and panoramic views of the city the restaurant promises a truly exceptional gastronomic experience.

During the entire design process, dpaworked closely together with the Interior Designers LW Design. The rich and varied materials of the interior space reflect the high quality aspirations of the Client. The biggest challenge for the lighting was, to design a scheme of minimal visibility that compliments the interior and dark finishes, without obscuring the stunning view of the city, but still providing sufficient lighting for the show kitchens and dining tables.

The intricate petals of the high ceiling have been emphasised with linear LED and within their recessed slots, spotlights have been concealed from direct view to keep the ceiling clean as possible. Concealed lighting and a high number of discreet uplights have been installed throughout to highlight the beauty in the details. Hanging seating chairs have been accentuated by use of miniature downlights. The evenly backlit bar counter and large graphic panels provide focal points and scale to the space. Carefully chosen decorative light fixtures give the interior ambience its individual touch.

The complete lighting scheme is dimmable and controlled through an automatic architectural lighting control system to suit different locations and timings.

Client: Mint Leaf of London
Interior Designer: LW Design Group
Photography: LW Design Group