Welsh Parliament; Senedd Cymru, Cardiff, UK

dpa Lighting Consultants were invited to join the project team by architects Richard Rogers Partnership. We worked closely in association with services consultants BDSP in order to achieve an energy-efficient, sustainable and flexible lighting installation. The energy usage targets were demanding, yet achievable by the use of high-efficiency lamps and luminaires, used in conjunction with the automated building control system. The control system is used to enable the appropriate lighting scenes to be easily selected at the touch of a button, so that the lighting exactly suits the requirements of many of the spaces which have varied uses ranging from informal meetings, through to televised parliamentary debates. The building control system ensures full use is made of available daylight, switching off lamps when not required to help ensure minimal energy consumption and maintenance requirements. A particularly challenging part of the project was the main debating chamber, which is an impressive circular structure within the heart of the building. The lighting had to satisfy the demanding needs of television broadcasting standards, whilst being comfortable to work in and ensuring the avoidance of glare to the public viewing areas. The external lighting comprises the architectural lighting of the building, public roadways and footpaths, parking areas, and surrounding landscaping.