Park Hyatt, Mallorca

Hotels / Leisure / The External Environment & Masterplanning

Nestled in the hills of north east Mallorca, Cap Vermell is the first Park Hyatt resort in Europe. The hotel is laid out around a square like a traditional Mallorcan village. Surrounded by Clusters of buildings built from the local stone excavated from the mountain during construction. The site is divided by winding paths, steps and a central stream helping create an authentically traditional Mallorcan feel.  The challenge for dpa lay in the requirement to balance operational needs of a modern hotel and meet strict energy efficiency regulations whilst blending with the traditional Mallorcan village aesthetic.

dpa worked closely with the Architect DSA, Interior designer Michelle Evans and Associates and Landscape Architect AECOM to create a seamless flow of lighting between the exterior and interior.  Carefully selecting natural material such as copper and bronze for external lighting which naturally weathers to a deep bronze colour helping the lighting to blend into their natural stone surroundings.

Photography courtesy of Cap Vermell Investments Group