Private Residence, Oxfordshire, UK

As a Practice, we are equally happy working on smaller or larger projects of all types. In fact, we thoroughly enjoy the variety of work in terms of scale from a building type and style. We have deliberately campaigned to attract a wide portfolio of work. This particular home in Oxfordshire is a substantial property where the owners value the quality of their environment. Colours, furniture, the architecture, the artwork and in fact every aspect of their home is really important to them. We were delighted to be asked to help the Architect with this refurbishment.

The property enjoys excellent daylight when available through it’s magnificent windows, and the artificial lighting is designed with various circuits that can be used at different times of the day and night depending on how much natural light is available, what is happening in the room and the mood of the occupants. The lighting of the artwork was a particular challenge; the art work is extremely important to the owners and it has a significant effect on all of the rooms. We debated and discussed the artwork lighting options between some form of picture lighting and recessed adjustable luminaires in the ceiling. In the end it was decided to use the ceiling recessed option to provide clutter free walls where picture lights do not detract from the pictures and also to provide flexibility by using different beam angles and lenses that could if required easily be altered in the future. We wanted to minimise the visual effect of the downlights in the ceiling, and hence a particularly neat fixture that had all the necessary functionality with the lamp set back to eliminate glare was selected.

In addition to the picture lighting a number of other decorative lighting elements have been carefully selected and linked to dedicated 5 amp socket outlets.

The result is a stunning property that the owners are now fully enjoying.

Photography courtesy of Red Shift Photography.