Private Residence, Oxfordshire, UK


This beautifully designed and detailed private residential project in North Oxfordshire within a country farm location was an enjoyable collaboration with BLA Architects and a Client who understood exactly how to furnish and dress the property with a cohesive and creative style throughout.

Careful and considered detailing and respect for its rural location, along with our design approach echoed the aspirations of the Architects and Client’s desire for inspiring spaces, which connect with each other as well as the outside. The lighting reinforces each space with a considered architectural lighting approach, which accents and reveals the interior materials and also reveals the mature external areas.

The result is a carefully curated project with interest and accent in abundance and where lighting is significant in all areas. Lighting is concealed where possible to enhance the interesting architectural features and artwork with the stunning interior spaces, which connect with the exterior.

Architect: BLA Architects
Photography: Courtesy of Mark Nicholson Photography