'Skin & Bones' Exhibition, London, UK

Art & Exhibitions / Museums & Galleries

dpa lighting design were appointed to design the lighting for the exhibition “Skin & Bones: Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture”, which was the first of a series of temporary exhibitions launching the new riverside Embankment Galleries at Somerset House in London.

“Skin & Bones” occupied two floors of this non-daylit gallery with a single height entrance/ introduction area below mezzanine, leading into a double height volume with glass staircase connected to the mezzanine level above. The gallery is Grade 1 listed, which greatly influenced the overall exhibition design. 

The lighting was designed in close collaboration with Eva Jiricna Architects and the curators at Somerset House to fit within the physical constraints of the gallery space and blend in with the new temporary structures of the exhibition.

In the double height space, a low voltage catenary wire system was installed to illuminate the seating area and exhibits.

Above mezzanine it was not possible to attach luminaires to the vaulted ceiling of the gallery. We therefore decided to light all of the exhibits located on the central plinth using flush adjustable low voltage uplights.

Fluorescent uplights were concealed within the top of the curved central screen, which divided the gallery into two parts, to softly illuminate the vaulted ceiling.

Client: Somerset House Trust
Architect: Eva Jiricna Architects
Exhibition fitout: DHA
Art direction: Multistorey