Spectrum, Waldorf Astoria, Amsterdam, Netherlands

We have a long standing relationship with the Waldorf Hotel Amsterdam and their Owners so were very happy to be asked to work with David Clixby of GA Design on the lighting for Spectrum, a signature restaurant within the property.  The understated elegance of the dining space provides the perfect backdrop for the incredible two Michelin star food led by Chef Sidney Schutte and Restaurant Manager Cas Kratz.  The restaurant is punctuated with powerful art and flower displays all appropriately illuminated to add drama to the space whilst focus remains on the tables.

Owner: DvM b.v.
Operator: Sidney Schutte (best to contact the hotel and ask them this)
Architect: OeverZaaijer
Interior Design: GA Design
Photography: Joseph Briare; Underpromise Agency – Mart Goossens and Alexander Sporre