St James' Gateway, London, UK

Exterior & Masterplanning

This project is part of an on-going regeneration of the St. James area in central London, south of Piccadilly. dpa worked closely with Eric Parry Architects (EPA) on both the external façade lighting and the interior areas of reception lobbies and luxury apartments. For the exterior the challenge was to work with a façade where part of it was retained and listed and another part which was new. Different solutions were developed for each area. The beauty of the selection of materials by EPA was the polished enamel tiling on the new part of the façade adjacent Piccadilly circus which catches and reflects the changing light conditions in the Circus itself – Genius thinking by Eric. As lighting designers we worked to accentuate these new material where we could and for the heritage facades we sympathetically uplit the stone detailing. The side street known as Eagle Place was formerly a sleeping place for the homeless and is now transformed into a well lit passageway linking Piccadilly and Jermyn Street and leading to the entrance to high end office accommodation.