Art & Exhibitions

The concept for INFINITREE was conceived with the unanimous desire of the dpa design team to create a sculpture that for one ‘was not obvious’, but was also much larger than its own physical confinement and the space it is exhibited within.

At first glance it presents itself as a subtle yet high-impact but non-described composition of glowing elements. No association to a Christmas tree would naturally be made whilst exploring the structure from the surround.

Visitors are encouraged to step inside the installation, immerse themselves within its intricacy and discover its true meaning. Structurally it consists of steel frame open for views and access from all four sides, enclosed only from the top. Ceiling and floor panels are mirror clad with minimal slot cut outs to conceal the lighting equipment best possible. The double mirror array provides the desired infinity effect, reflecting the illuminated elements in between and through natural perspective shaping them into an abstract Christmas tree like cone.

Although a DMX lighting control system with full spectrum RGBW capability was utilised, as the physical aspect of the design evolved, it became more and more apparent that a small core selection of solid colours would provide the most striking visual impact and experience for the audience.

Photography: Tommaso Gimigliano