The Ritz-Carlton, Pune, India

The Ritz-Carlton hotel in Pune is the latest addition to the prestigious Ritz-Carlton hotel chain. The strong, modern and minimalistic external architecture, characterised by clean lines, glazed facades, and the unadorned, monumental entrance creates a unique contrast with the more decorative, classic, and soft interiors. The interior style is a modern, chic and luxurious re-interpretation of the traditional Indian architectural and decorative themes. dpa lighting consultants were delighted to work with Panchshil Realty, Madhav Joshi and Associates, and Bangkok based interior architects PIA to develop sympathetic and appropriate lighting solutions for both interior and exterior environments.

The lighting approach for the external illumination of the hotel follows this stylistic oxymoron. A very modern graphic line of light on the façade emphasises the clean style of the architecture. A unique line of light, starting from the Ritz-Carlton Logo, wraps around the building almost embracing it, and visually leads the guests towards the port cochere’s triple height entrance. The main lobby features two enormous oversized chandeliers that glow in their glory and create a subtle and elegant sparkle visible from a distance when approaching the hotel. The main all day dining restaurant features four different restaurants : Asian, Italian, French patisserie and Indian. Each restaurant area within this large and voluminous space has individual lighting, which both accentuates the features of each space and visually guides the guests in their journey through this culinary experience. Ukiyo restaurant, on the first floor, is the first Japanese restaurant in Pune, and is dramatically lit in order to enhance the texture of materials and create a rhythm of light and shadow. The hotel also features a magnificent spa, two monumental ballrooms, meeting rooms, and on the top floor executive and private lounges and a rooftop bar. The guestroom lighting treatments contribute to creating a calm and welcoming environment for a classic and timeless luxury experience.

Owner: Panchshil Realty, Pune, India
Operator: The Ritz-Carlton
Project Manager:  Panchshil Realty, Pune, India
Architect / Landscape Architect: Madhav Joshi and Associates, Pune, India
Interior Designer for the Public Areas: PIA Interior, Bangkok, Thailand
M&E Consultant: Panchshil Realty, Pune, India
Photography: Courtesy of The Ritz Carlton Hotel and Panchshil Realty