The Wellesley Hotel, Knightsbridge, London, UK

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The Wellesley Hotel in London is a special property located in Knightsbridge offering the highest quality service and facilities. The recent addition of glass pavilions at the front of the property to provide additional bar and smoking terrace space is now complete, but to make this even more exclusive, the artist Lee Simmons was commissioned to produce an installation that provided unique decoration and a visual screen. The solution was a series of cast bronze buds that produce a three dimensional textured screen wall. The lighting solution to the exterior component is a series of small LED uplights, the positioning of which was very carefully considered to expose the three dimensional nature and texture of the buds. Inside the pavilion a low level linear concealed skirting light floats the wall, coupled with uplighting to the buds as on the outside. A gas fire, wall light and lighting to the artwork completes the spaces.

Operator: The Wellesley Hotel, London
Concept Architect: Ken Shuttleworth, Make Architects
Project Architect: Gibberd Ltd
Artist: Lee Simmons