Trèsind, Dubai, UAE

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Located on the 2nd Floor of the Nassima Royal Hotel in Dubai DIFC Tresind is well known for their Indian molecular gastronomy. Following the recent renovation the restaurant is coming back with 2 new dining concepts.

In the dining experience, one has the comfort of dining with the signature dishes along with new explorations in the Modernist Indian Cuisine, paired with some of the most unique concepts in mixology. Trèsind Studio is an immersive intimate affair, guided as a chefs table experience.

In the main dining area the walls and feature wall frames are finished in dark blue whilst the entire ceiling is covered in blue and white wallpaper. Long tables placed centrally in the space act as serving stations and carry Jars of spices, frequently used in Indian cuisine that add colour and texture. Narrow beam spotlights provide a sense of theatricality as the staff moves around these tables while serving the guests.

The dining tables are located in pockets around the perimeter of the space in pairs providing a sense of privacy. Integrated linear lighting grazes the louvered panels that cover the windows from behind providing a sense of depth. The frames on the walls on either side of the tables are highlighted by picture lights, whilst the tables are softly accentuated.

Similar approach has been applied in the Studio. Here the focal point is the preparation counter. The lighting levels here are generally lower due to the lighter finishes on the walls and ceiling and to promote the 180o views out to the city.

Project Credits:

Client: Passion F&B Management Consultancies
Interior Designer: Modo Milano
MEP Consultant: Akins