Veeraswamy, London, UK

dpa have been working closely with Camellia Panjabi, Namita Panjabi, and Ranjit Mathrani of MW Eat for 19 years, designing the lighting for their three fine dining restaurants and the various Masala Zones throughout Central London. Each restaurant is individual and makes dining a special occasion with truly authentic Indian food that is simply exceptional, coupled with outstanding service and magical interiors that further enhance the whole experience. Established in 1926, the fine dining restaurant Veeraswamy is the UK’s oldest Indian restaurant. It was recently refurbished, with the lighting playing an important part in representing the spaces. dpa worked closely with the owners and interior designer Jeffrey Wilkes in the development of the lighting design.

The lighting creates drama on the tables, to the exquisite display case full of brightly coloured turbans and glassware at the entrance and on to other art and sculpture. A combination of decorative lighting elements and carefully integrated architectural lighting provides decoration and ambience to the dining rooms. The dining space is split into three distinct areas, all with their own look and feel. The lighting is carefully scene-set through a dimming system to create exactly the right mood for lunch, early evening and throughout the night.

Owner: MW Eat – Camellia Panjabi, Namita Panjabi and Ranjit Mathrani
Interior Designer: Jeffrey Wilkes, DESIGNWILKES
Photography: Courtesy of MW Eat