Vodafone, Q Port, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Vodafone’s Q-Port Offices in Amsterdam have been carefully conceived to inspire users and visitors alike. The lighting, as well as providing the functional illumination needed for office space, also enlivens and enriches the visual experience. The lighting has been carefully integrated and considered in relation to the philosophy of the building, and it’s interior architecture. Unlike most offices, there is not a bland uniform lighting pattern, there is variation, colour and life.

The spaces are zoned to provide areas that encourage informal discussion and areas that are for focused work and the lighting reflects the various activities of the different spaces. 

Each space within the office was carefully considered and the lighting selected to enhance the activity of the space. Quiet areas are more subdued, whereas ‘fast zones’ are lit more intensely. Particular importance was given to social areas as well as work spaces to provide variation and stimulation. The integration of large graphics onto walls and glass is significant to encourage views through spaces, with images that reflect the contemporary, vibrant nature of Vodafone’s business, and of course, the lighting of these were also important.

The large glass walls to the entrance and restaurant provided an opportunity for the interior to be seen from the outside, and for this to act as a beacon expressing the character of the space and reinforcing to those approaching the building or passing by, that this is an exciting and vibrant organisation.

There are many elements to the lighting together with the interior and working practices that ensure this is a special work environment, far removed from a bland speculative office, which is so prevalent all over the world.

Client: Vodafone Holland