Darc Awards 2023: dpa’s installation – “Fourth Wall”

“Fourth Wall”,  featured at the Darc Awards 2023 on 30th March at Fabric, London, was a collaboration between dpa lighting, ELR (Engineered Lighting Revolution) and Truelux.   The fully immersive installation was designed to put the viewer in the place of their favourite actors by transporting them into some of the most iconically lit moments in film history by bathing the participant in various colour palettes from the rich history of the silver screen. The inspiration for the installation and for each ‘Scene’ came from different lighting techniques used throughout the history of cinematography to convey a wide-ranging sense of moods and emotions to the viewer. Unique layers of light were used to set the mood within the installation whilst specific colours, lighting angles and effects were tailored to each genre to set the scene for …Horror of the 1930’s …Hollywood Musicals …1920’s Film Noir …Science Fiction Movies …Classic Action Film.


Photography courtesy of Truelux