London Design Festival 2022, UK

We are very proud to announce that Ingo Kalecinski, dpa Associate based in our London Studio, has recently won a competition at the London Design Festival for his design of a GOBO projection. The challenge set by WE-EF Lighting was to create an illustration that addresses “how design can help create environments that foster well-being and enrich our lives”.

“The inspiration for the design came from west-facing building façades that I often observe from my living room when they reflect the sunset against the eastern sky above them, that is already immersed in darkness. These glazed facets pick out this magical, warm glow and turn into temporary beacons of light dotted into the otherwise dark concrete jungle surrounding them.

I have always been intrigued to find out what these intense pockets of light must feel like close-up. Ironically once you have made your way over there, they would inevitably disappear as your perspective changes and the sun moves along its path – never to be caught.

The idea was to capture this phenomenon of colour and the emotional uplift it provides within this secluded forecourt and to preserve the effect for an extended period throughout the evening, well past sunset.

The projected image creates an abstract perception of the courtyard space for the viewers standing within it by replicating shadow outlines of surrounding architecture and planting. These silhouettes seamlessly frame the mesmerising and uplifting warm gradient glow of the sun setting.”

I see a secondary vantage point for passers-by on the trains above who may only catch a short glimpse of the projection, making it even more mystical and perhaps something to look out for again next time around. “ Ingo Kalecinski, Associate, dpa lighting consultants.

Ingo’s sunset GOBO projection can currently be seen on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday between sunset and 21.00 hrs at 33-34 Dolben St, London SE1 0UQ.