EE, Westfield, London

EE, the UK mobile network operator and internet service provider, has developed a new retail store concept with leading UK retail designers Dalziel & Pow. dpa lighting consultants were appointed to develop a new lighting concept for the flagship stores and for the second tier store roll-out. The first flagship store, known as EE Studio, is in Westfield, White City, in London.

The retail offer from EE covers many elements, and a vibrant and immersive store concept was developed to excite and engage the customer and lead them around the store on a journey through the full offer. This included a ‘digital spa’ where customers can spend some time switched off from their connectivity.

The Westfield store has a double-height frontage, the ‘Welcome Zone’, which has enabled D&P to create a dramatic and imposing entrance and lounge/waiting area (Basecamp). This is enhanced with self-illuminated and suspended brand features, comfortable lounge furniture for meet and greet, and consultation. The ceiling of the store which then drops down to around 4 metres is created with a grid of circular sound absorbing discs.

Throughout the store, D&P have developed a display and hanging system utilising a scaffold pole system. The lighting is designed to be completely flexible, therefore tubular lighting track to the same size and finish as the scaffold poles is integrated through the system to provide both ambient and display illumination. The intention is that the lighting system is very effective but visually discreet. There are many different pieces of display furniture around the perimeter and in the centre floor; many of these also have integrated lighting for display and feature effect.

The store is split into a number of zones such as a series of residential room sets, a flexible central stage area, a gamezone, tech innovation display, and digital spa as already mentioned. A fully flexible lighting control system is programmed to have different lighting scenarios for each zone, and these are in turn interfaced with the store audio visual system. This is all used by the store consultants to illustrate the flexibility of everything that EE has to offer their customers and promote excitement in the brand, leading hopefully to a purchase!

As would be standard, the light fixtures are selected for optimum light quality and glare control, all fixtures are fully dimmable for scene setting. The spotlights have a special colour finish to match the overall concept.

Client: EE
Interior Designer: Dalziel & Pow
Photography: Courtesy of EE




Harvey Nichols, Doha Festival City

This Qatari outpost of the famous Harvey Nichols Brand is located in a mall within Doha Festival City and is positioned over two large area floors. As with any high-end fashion department store the floors are split up not into distinct zo,nes with their individual look and feel, but with consistency in lighting approach and light quantity.

Since the floor areas are generous the floor to ceiling heights are relatively high to retain good spatial proportions for the store. Typical ceiling heights were 4 metres or slightly more. At the time of the store design and construction, LED light sources were not sufficiently powerful or with consistent light quality to use within the ceiling ambient and display fixtures. Therefore we opted for co,mpact metal halide reflector lamps, Philips Mastercolour, to give us the appropriate illuminance levels, brightness contrast ratios, and colour rendering quality necessary for such as project.

All lighting integrated into the display furniture or within interior design features was LED, and with this combination we were able to optimise energy efficiency for the lighting installation. Ceiling lighting was specified to be as discreet as possible either recessed into ceiling roughs or as very compact adjustable recessed and plaster-in downlights.

Flexibility was key to the project and this was why we opted for track and spot lighting as the main ambient and display lighting solution. We worked closely with the Interior Designers Studio Four IV to integrate all lighting as discreetly as possible and to achieve the best lit effect for all the details. Mock-ups and prototypes were carried out as necessary. Special attention was placed on the VM locations to provide added impact and visual interest with the use of suspended light features and ceiling details.

Our simple sustainability aims were to use only energy efficient light sources throughout that would provide the appropriate light levels and light quality for the store parameters. All light sources are LED and compact metal halide. The personal shopping area has some dimming facility but the main store areas are switched only, but in groups that can be selected for store open, store closed, through the night security.

Retail Designer: Studio Four IV


Kohler Experience Centre, Jakarta, Indonesia

dpa lighting consultants were delighted to be appointed as lighting design consultants for the latest Kohler Experience Centre in Jakarta, Indonesia, working very closely with the Kohler client body and interior designers, GA Design.

Providing outstanding luxury products and unparalleled level of services to design professionals and homeowners alike, Kohler reinvented its approach to global showrooms with the creation of the Kohler Experience Centre. Going beyond the traditional showroom, Kohler Experience Centres offer individuals and design professionals a truly elevated brand experience; combining design, art and architecture in a multisensory space to create a more intimate understanding of their products and services.

The GA Design celebrates the unique landscape and culture of Indonesia, creating that link between Kohler and Indonesia. This has been achieved by the creation of structures or ‘islands’ guiding the visitor through the spaces and the different Kohler ranges on offer. The lighting enhances these spaces creating individual identity to each unique ‘island’ whilst providing coherence and continuity by employing the same product palette, colour temperatures and techniques throughout. The lighting highlights these intriguing structures and further enhances the diversity of materials used, showing off Kohler’s truly luxurious product range whilst providing the users with a sense of discovery by exploring the forms and textures of each space. The latest experience centre really is an immersive theatrical experience providing lasting impressions to the visitor.

Client: Kohler
Interior Designer: GA Design
Photography: Courtesy of Kohler


Sky Westfield, London, UK

dpa lighting consultants were commissioned at the beginning of 2020 to help develop a lighting concept for a brand new retail store roll-out for Sky.

Working closely with the Sky in-house design team, retail designers The One Off, and other specialist consultants a completely new store design concept was developed. Working with the open ceilings and exposed services a flexible high level lighting solution was integrated, which provided a varied light pattern with focused highlighting of the product displays and a comfortable, warm, ambient effect. Specialist experience booths were developed with dimmable and automated lighting. There are numerous integrated lighting details to accentuate the interiors and provide visual accent and interest at the lower level. The hero pieces are two feature pendant installations, each consisting of multiple pendant globes. Each globe is independently addressable to provide pre-programmed lighting sequences with white lighting, and RGB colour change for special events.

The Westfield White City store was the first flagship site to be completed in December 2021.

Client: Sky
Retail Interior Design: The One Off
Photography: Courtesy of Sky

Retail Street, Belgravia, London, UK

Nestled in Belgravia, this Retail Street formed of numerous Grade 2 listed buildings, features a mix of shops and restaurants at ground floor, with numerous residential properties located on the floors above.

The client wished to illuminate the façades at the entrances of the street to act as a gateway, accentuating the rhythm of the architecture, promoting interest from afar, subtly aiding navigation and wayfinding, and creating a pleasant backdrop to the events happening within the street.

Extensive product research and in-situ testing was undertaken to identify a suitable luminaire which could be used for the uplighting of the buildings, giving consideration to lighting quality, physical appearance, cost, and most importantly, light distribution qualities, to ensure that no spill light would cause distraction to the residents of the buildings.

There were no direct electrical links between the different façades being illuminated, therefore to avoid the need to lay new physical cables, the different façades are all controlled via a lighting control system local to the façade. These discrete control systems all work seamlessly together via mobile telephone network communications, giving secure remote cloud software access, which also assists the client’s facilities and maintenance team.

For normal operation, a white lighting scheme is utilised, however to mark special events and celebrations a number of different coloured lighting scenes have been programmed. These special lighting scenes are all programmed into a calendar which, using the cloud software access, the client’s facilities team can adjust for changing dates of festivals and to celebrate occasional one-off events. The lighting controls smoothly dim the feature façade lighting to off at curfew, and ensure that post any special events that the lighting returns to the normal white light appearance, ensuring a fully automated lighting installation is achieved.

Planning Consultant: DP9
Lead Contractor: Grangewood Builders
Electrical Contractor: Solomon Electrical Services
Photography: James Newton Photographs


Vashi, Covent Garden, London, UK

dpa lighting consultants were delighted to be commissioned by Vashi to design the lighting of their new flagship store in Covent Garden London, working closely with the client body at Vashi, DECON Project Management, Mythology from New York and architects Tanner Design.

We developed the lighting scheme as an integrated part of the interior.  Vashi has brought the craftmanship of a jewellery workshop into the retail space, closely interacting with customers for an unique experience. The lighting responds to the various spaces within the store, creating a variety of different areas as illustrated by the various images.

Client: Vashi
Creative Studio: Mythology
Project Managers: DECON Project Management
Architects: Tanner Design
Photography: Courtesy of Vashi

Central Market, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Central Market, Abu Dhabi is a new multipurpose development comprising of a new souk, retail podium, residential, hospitality and commercial properties.

Sun dappled alleyways and sun drenched courtyards form part of Foster + Partners vision for the souk, at the centre of the courtyards are shafts descending into the basement car park levels, allowing further penetration of daylight into the lower levels.

As part of our design work we created a simplified three dimensional computational model of the souk interior allowing the penetration of direct sunlight within the space to be studied. Into the model were placed simple massing models of all the surrounding buildings so the effect that their shading would have on the souk’s interior could also be analysed.

The results obtained from the study allowed us to advise the architect how the surrounding developments would impact on the availability of direct sunlight within the souk’s alleys, courtyards and basement shafts, these results also helped to inform our development of the artificial lighting design suggesting methods in which the effect of sunlight could be simulated during the hours in which direct sunlight is not experienced.

Client: ALDAR
Project Manager: Atkins
Cost Consultant: EC Harris International
Architect, Interior Designer and Landscape Architect: Foster + Partners
Façade Consultant: Arup
MEP Engineer: BDSP Partnership

Maison Lutétia Dubai, UAE

Located in Dubai Festival City, Maison Lutétia Dubai has opened their beauty clinic offering a variety of non-invasive treatments for skin and hair.

dpa worked closely with KKD to develop the lighting concept for both the landscape and the clinic interiors.

A sense of opulence is inherent within the design. The narrative suggests calm elegance and the use of high specification materials wood leather and natural stone all lend themselves well to this aesthetic. Lutétia has a private underground car park, so privacy and discretion were always paramount within the design.

The use of concealed illumination whenever possible helps to define the high level of detail given to each area.

Lighting to the waiting areas for both male and female lends an air of calm within the dynamic DFC environment. Corridor spaces contain concealed and integrated lighting within grey leather clad walls.

Treatment and waiting/consultation rooms exist side by side and differ in character, an incredible challenge for lighting within such defined spaces.

Le Barbier & Le Salon offer unparalleled levels of luxury and service within the personal grooming market. Individual stations with integrated lighting to mirrors helps to main the high levels of privacy required.

Le Barbier follows a traditional masculine material palette of dark metal, stone and glass while Le Salon counters with rich hues of gold panelling and pastel pink leather walls.

The VIP area follows through on this theme, dark blue leather clad walls offset against white natural stone and rich metallic accents. Lighting enhances the sense of opulence and quality through high levels of integration and detailing.

The use of sophisticated control systems for each area further adds to the feeling of quality through selective use of dimming and scene set technology.

Completed: January 2019
Client: Lutetia of Paris
Interior Designer: Kinnersley Kent Design

Browns East, London, UK

Browns Fashion is a well known and leading high fashion retailer started in 1970 in South Molton Street London. Browns has expanded over the years to cover a number of adjoining townhouses on the same street. Recently they have wished to expand across to the fashionable East End of London and they found a site in Shoreditch which they have transformed with retail interior designers Brinkworth. The building is a traditional brick built corner plot over two floors. The interior design is a mix of industrial and luxury with contrasts and colour to give the store an edge. The display units have a sculptural quality to them which add to the retail experience. There are open ceilings with exposed services and custom made industrial hanging rail systems which provide lots of display flexibility. As such the lighting design was also required to be very flexible.

On the ground floor the ceiling and services are painted out black. A suspended lighting track and spotlight solution provides general ambient and accent display illumination. The first floor has a softer feel and the ceiling is painted out in white. For this level continuous linear runs of diffuse LED provide a good general level of illumination to the space and additional display lighting is integrated into shelving and jewellery cases. All mirrors have integrated mirror lighting with supplementary lighting from above. All light sources are high quality, high colour rendering LED and the lighting is dimmable to change the mood for times of day or special event.

The interconnecting stairwell between the two floors has artwork covering the walls and all pieces are for sale. The stairwell and artwork are lit both by a soft backlit Barrisol illumination and secondly with accent lighting to the artwork pieces themselves. A dramatic and interesting volume is created for the customer.

Client: Browns Fashion
Interior Designer: Brinkworth
Photography: Louise Melchior Photography

Fine Blooms, Dubai, UAE

dpa were proud to work on this ’boutique’ flower shop located in the Box Park retail district of Dubai.

We worked closely with London based interior designers Universal Design Studio to develop a multi-layered and highly controlled lighting solution for each of the small zones within the store.

These zones comprised the main shop and display area, the consultation area, the refrigerated flower storage room, and the preparation room. All these spaces could be viewed by the customer.

One of the challenges with this project were the space parameters in that the plan dimensions were quite small in comparison to the height. Additionally there is an open ceiling such that the lighting had to work around the other services. A suspended track and spot solution was used with a very narrow beam lensed spotlight to accent the displays with negligible stray light. This allowed for excellent ambient and display lighting within the space constrictions. A second challenge was the refrigerated room for the flower storage which has a patterned glass wall to show the flowers to the customers in an abstract way. The temperature is required to be 4 degrees to keep the flowers fresh and we detailed the lighting to show the colours through the glass with also a decorative lighting element. Additional decorative lighting was applied throughout the store to accentuate a luxury residential feel. All light sources were very high quality warm white LEDs with spectrum suitable for high colour resolution of the flowers and interiors. Also a dimming system was employed to tailor the lighting for daytime and nightime as the store stays open late in the evening.

Client: Fine Blooms
Interior Designer: Universal Design Studio

Jack Barclay, London, UK

Jack Barclay London is part of the H.R. Owen Group and is the world’s oldest and largest Bentley Dealership, established in 1927. This historic showroom is situated within Mayfair’s famous Berkeley Square.

Architectural practice Louis de Soissons have worked closely with Bentley to design their showroom interiors and invited dpa to develop the lighting for the refurbishment of this flagship showroom.

The lighting was designed carefully to create an environment where the cars look their best both inside the showroom but also from the street where kerbside appeal is imperative. Within the showroom various zones exist where variety and focus to the particular requirements of the space has been coordinated and considered in detail. For example, the Personalisation Room where customers consider and select finishes, colours and leathers to create their perfect Bentley requires appropriate light levels and excellent colour rendering. Decorative lighting over the central café bar and trimless recessed linear lighting in the ceiling add distinctive lighting elements which all form part of the identifiable Bentley branding, whilst the main feature pendent or ‘Hero’ Light is in prime place in the main window facing onto Berkley Square. This gives maximum impact to a special vehicle selected to receive this focussed attention.

Also part of the same group, the neighbouring showroom is home to a single Bugatti car where the particular elite supercar on display is presented in this striking interior. The lighting complements the style of the brand and interior with concealed linear lighting in colour and an appropriately comfortable and luxurious guest lounge.

Project Credits:
  H.R. Owen PLC
Architect:  Louis de Soissons Ltd
Electrical Contractor:  HEES Ltd
Photography:  Courtesy of Richard Washbrooke Photography
dpa Project Team:  Nick Hoggett – Partner and Ian Clarke – Associate

H&M Barcelona, Spain

On 3rd February 2017, Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) launched their brand new Flagship store in Barcelona, Spain, which is sited on Passeig de Gràcia, one of the major avenues in Barcelona and one of its most important shopping and business areas, containing several of the city’s most celebrated pieces of architecture.

dpa undertook the lighting design of the historical lobby and the newly introduced Flax & Kale café, within the heritage spaces of this 1950’s property, which was a former HQ for insurance company Banco Vitalicio de España.

The lighting scheme for the historic lobby features decorative custom pendant luminaires with dedicated, directional lighting to the merchandise displays.  At the same time, finely integrated linear lighting solutions accentuate the important architectural features within the space, whilst being respectful to the buildings heritage.

The Flax & Kale café represents an innovative new concept and experience for H&M.  The lighting provides a clean, airy yet warm space that compliments the interior architecture and distinguishes itself from the adjacent retail areas.  At the same time, the design seamlessly combines the bright and fun character of H&M with the warmth and design lines of the Flax & Kale tradition.

The lighting installation is fully reversible, with minimal disturbance to the historic building fabric, whilst achieving a theatrical lit result for customers to enjoy.

Client:   Hennes & Mauritz (H&M)
Café Operator: Flax & Kale, Barcelona
Flax & Kale Interior Designer:  Estudi Francesc Pons, Barcelona
Photography: dpa lighting consultants

Level Kids, City Walk, Dubai, UAE

Lighting Brief

Located in City Walk. dpa were responsible for the lighting design for all entrances, central atrium, internal circulation/retail and the external facades, working initially with Fitch, London on the Concept Design and Chalhoub Group Creative Department, 3D on implementation and through to completion.  dpa also provided an advisory role for many of the tenant units, providing review, comment and sign off on the lighting design in line with Chalhoub Group’s standards document.


Comprising 10,000sqm of retail space, 300+ designer brands spread across three floors, the project was completed in approximately 12 months.  dpa spent hundreds of hours on site, coordinating with the client, project Consultants, Contractors and Manufacturers to ensure the design intent was realized and the final lighting installations were technically sound and aesthetically pleasing despite the numerous on-site changes imposed during installation.

Level Kids is a unique concept and a universe for parent and child. Upon entering, the guest is taken on a sensorial retail journey starting from the ground floor being  ‘the crystalline waters’, first floor being a ‘flowering desert’ and second being a ‘enchanted sky’. These are enhanced by several special feature areas: ‘enchanted walkway’; ‘skywalk’, ‘shoe safari’ and a number of unique ‘icons’.  Additionally extensive use is made of media screens, with bespoke content developed by KIN design London, and back-illuminated ceilings.  The lighting design is integrated with, and re-inforces, these diverse elements.

Given the diversity of visual attractions and features it was important that the ambient and display lighting was visually neutral, and was not intrusive, ensuring the feature elements are visually dominant.  To achieve this a minimal visual palette of products was selected, both the selected downlights and track luminaires accommodating various optical distributions and lumen packages to cater for the variable parameters across the interior volumes.

“The retail landscape of tomorrow is all about experiential retail design, a landscape where consumers are looking for meaningful shopping experiences that are emotional and engaging multi-sensorial journeys. Our collaboration with DPA provided the atmospheres and lighting schemes that enhanced our store concept beautifully”  

Linton Crockford-Moore, CHALHOUB Group Creative Director.

Client: Chalhoub Group
Interior Design Concept: FITCH
Interior Design Implementation: Chalhoub Group


Watches of Switzerland, London Heathrow
Terminal 5 & Oxford Street, London, UK


Aurum Holdings undertook an extensive refurbishment programme throughout 2015 and dpa lighting consultants were involved in numerous Watches of Switzerland stores across the country, working with Callison, London.  dpa were approached to work hand in hand with the design team to better articulate the lighting within the stores and maximising emphasis on the merchandise, whilst creating a lit hierarchy that provided a welcoming environment and a sense of drama to increase the customer experience.

Shown here are the Watches of Switzerland stores at Heathrow Terminal 5 and Oxford Street, London. Each of these projects has a different look and feel, however the process of co-ordinating and integrating lighting solutions had parity, with careful application and placement of lighting equipment so as to minimise the direct view of lighting equipment and glare wherever possible.  In tandem with this, selecting the most appropriate lamp colour temperature was of paramount importance, so as to reflect the image of the individual brand displays and the true characteristics of the various product ranges.  In addition, the materiality of the interior design and architectural volumes were expressed with lighting application that added extra quality to the end solution.

Further information about Watches of Switzerland can be found by clicking on the link below:

www.Watches of

Client: Aurum Holdings
Designers: Callison, London
Photography: dpa lighting consultants



H&M Sydney, Australia

The store is located on the east side of the pedestrianised section of Pitt Street (known as Pitt Street Mall) between King Street and Market Street.  Located in the central business district of Sydney the street is described by Lord Mayor Clover Moore as “Australia’s premier retail destination”.  The street has around 65,000 people passing through daily and the surrounding buildings are a mix of historic and contemporary façades up to approximately 6 storeys in height. Set back from the street are taller buildings including the Sydney tower at the south east corner of the street.  Pitt Street contains a number of large shopping centres including Westfield Sydney, Strand Arcade, Mid City Centre and Sydney Arcade which are home to many international fashion brands and around 500 speciality stores.

H&M Sydney is located in the Glasshouse red brick building and dpa have provided a sympathetic architectural lighting scheme for the exterior, together with lighting to the internal voids.

Client: H&M
Photography: dpa lighting consultants


Level Shoe District, Dubai Mall, U.A.E

dpa lighting consultants were tasked with illuminating what was, at the time, stated to be the largest shoe emporium in the world, and located in Dubai Mall, UAE. This vast space was broken down into zones and each zone had its own identity and ambience. The lighting design whilst providing some degree of consistency also had to adapt the different requirements of each individual zone.

Ceiling heights are relatively high and so metal halide reflector lamps were employed to provide both ambient and display lighting from the ceiling. This was supplemented by integrated ceiling cove lighting to enhance the profile of each area and provide additional feature lighting. Further display lighting is integrated into the furniture and a number of interior design features were enhanced again with integrated lighting, on the whole LED.

Client and Operator: Chalhoub Group
Interior Designer: Shed Design, London
Light Art Installation: UVA

WM Morrisons, Market Hall, Preston, UK

dpa lighting design worked closely with the lead consultants, Montana Vistas, and the architects, Darnton EGS, on the new concept 80,000 ft² Morrisons supermarket in Preston. The new lighting concept was just one of many new store design features and innovations, creating a new experience in large grocery retail. The main sales floor is split into two distinct areas, the Market Street, containing freshly prepared food from in store specialists including butchers, bakers, cheesemongers, fishmongers and green grocers, and a racking area, predominantly containing boxed and tinned goods. The lighting to the market street area utilised a number of track mounted spotlights providing focused accent lighting onto the product displays. A warm white, energy efficient, LED light source with excellent colour rendering properties was chosen to best reveal the colours of the displayed products. A different lighting concept was chosen for the racking area, where hi-bay pendants were chosen to tie in with the high-racking ware-house style appearance. Energy efficient ceramic metal halide lamps with excellent colour rendering were used to best show the colours of the displayed products, however a cooler white colour lamp was utilised to provide a visual contrast with the warmer appearance Market Street area, subtly indicating to the customer that they are moving into a different area of the supermarket.

A microprocessor lighting control system is utilised to select the correct lighting scene to suit the time of day and year, and the store operational status (morning / day / evening trading, cleaning, stocking, security, etc.). The lighting control system communicates with the supermarket’s building energy management system (BEMS), thereby allowing Morrisons head office to vary the times at which different lighting scenes are selected to suit changing seasonal opening hours. The dimming and switching of luminaires also provides operational energy savings and reduces the frequency of maintenance required.  Photography courtesy of Andrew Depledge

Tsvetnoy Department Store, Moscow

Tsvetnoy is a new department store in Moscow with a retail concept somewhere between Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. The client was Moscow property developer RGI working with retail consultants Minima. dpa lighting design were commissioned to provide lighting design to all internal front of house areas and the external façade.

The project consists of five floors of men’s and women’s fashion and homewares, Levels -1 to 4, with food market and restaurants on Levels 5,6, and 7. London based retail designers HMKM were responsible for the fashion floors with Architects Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands designing the upper gastronomy levels including a large roof terrace. All floors were visually connected by a front entrance atrium which included a vertical garden in front of the glass lift shafts and this large volume was also designed to suspend large pieces of contemporary art or visual merchandising installations. The exterior envelope is a striking angular design conceived as a mountain by local Moscow architectural practice Meganom.


Reiss Store, New York, USA

This Reiss store is located on West Broadway in SOHO and is a large internal space with generous ceiling height. The interior concept was for an industrial shell with high quality insertions. Hence the wall are bare faced brick and the floor is concrete. The ceiling is finished dark and a combination of bare metal finish track and spot together with trimless adjustable downlights provide ambient and display lighting. All light sources are metal halide to cater for the ceiling heights and energy efficiency. The central feature of the store is a large hanging cube chandelier which is lit using fibre optics to slowly shimmer. This feature is further surrounded by glass screens which are lit from about to sparkle and glow. This brakes up the openness of the store and provides visual interest.

QELA Boutique, Doha – Qatar

QELA is a completely new brand and concept which combines high end couture fashion with a flexible art gallery space. This is the brand’s first flagship store. Architecturally the project is across two floors with a central atrium space and large domed ceiling. The overall FOH area is approx. 750sqm.

There are a number of distinct spaces within the project: Ground floor art gallery space and merchandise display, first floor merchandise display including high end jewellery, VIP Salon, and fitting rooms. There are entrances on both floors. All finishes are extremely high quality and the colour palate is fairly contemporary.

For the FOH areas the brief was to design a lighting solution which provided a luxurious layered lighting appearance to accentuate finishes, architectural interiors and features, and displays. Merchandise was to stand out from the ambient effect with highly controlled accent lighting. This was all to be achieved with as up-to-date lighting technology as possible. The client is very forward thinking and was looking for innovation in all aspects of the design. Due to the nature of the project all lighting has to be very flexible, controllable, and high colour rendering. Luminaires were to be integrated where possible.

The important points to note for the lighting design are:

– All front of house lighting except the jewellery cases and decorative fittings are LED based and dimmable. This provides significant energy saving qualities to the scheme. BOH lighting is typically fluorescent based except at the thresholds.

– All ceiling luminaries for art and merchandise display are remote control from RCL, either track mounted or ceiling recessed. This gives the client operating team ease of adjustment for the changing displays and installations. For the ground floor art display these are controlled from the RCL ‘iDirect’ system via iPad. This applies to direction (pan and tilt) and light level to suit the art. Some scenes are also set.

– All other general, architectural, and retail display lighting is controlled through a Lutron scene set system with directional adjustment with iDirect. A number of scenes are programmed as required.

– Both the RCL iDirect control system and the Lutron system are designed to communicate with each other for further flexibility.

RCL light sources are high power CREE modules to cater for the high ceilings. Various beam angles are utilised. Other LED light sources included the GE Punch modules for the same reasons. Elsewhere Xicato Artist modules are used for normal ceiling heights.

General architectural lighting includes perimeter integrated covelighting to wash feature wall panels and curtains, and concealed uplighting to the feature dome ceiling in the atrium.

For the jewellery display custom designed podiums and wall cases were developed. The glass podiums contained a very slim profile at the top, housing fibre-optic end fittings with 90 degree mirrors. For the wall units again top lighting and low level uplighting is provided by fibre-optics with linear LED to wash the back panel. Light sources are 250 watts metal halide with white colour tuning and dimmer wheels. Typical illuminance values at the base surface are 12000 lux horizontal and 3500 lux vertical.

Over the jewellery consultation desk is a separately controlled cool white spotlight to view silver and diamonds etc. Normally the general lighting is warm white.

The VIP salon is intended to have the ambience and intimacy of firelight . The ambient effect is low but the garments are still well lit with high colour rendering white light from the ceiling.

In the fitting rooms, over the mirror and podium, is a backlit ceiling feature with dimmable and tunable white light. This allows the customer to view themselves in either simulated daylight ( cool ) or for an evening function or at home ( warm ). Additional narrow beam pinhole accent lights pick out fabric textures, and integrated mirror lighting provides a soft full height lighting to the front of the customer. This is supplemented with perimeter cove lighting to wash curtains and feature wall panels, and decorative feature lighting.

Client, Operator and Project Manager: Qatar Luxury Group
Interior Designer: UXUS (Amsterdam)
M&E Consultant: Lead Construction
Photography: Courtesy of Adrian Haddad