Ready, Steady, Light 2017

dpa Designers Adam Busby, Declan Sullivan, Ashley Rogers and Veronica Lykou were delighted to participate in Ready, Steady, Light 2017, organised by The Society of Light and Lighting, in partnership with Rose Bruford College. As part of the challenge 14 teams were asked to design and set up a temporary exterior installation, using a limited range of equipment in only 180 minutes.

The dpa team were given six luminaires to light an allocated area which consisted of thick foliage and several trees. Their aim was to add depth, texture and drama to the natural, outdoor space. They added depth and perspective by uplighting trees in both the background and foreground. By lighting the trees and foliage they also highlighted their natural textures as well as casting interesting shadows. A blossom tree, lit with a single coloured LED luminaire, created a focal point and a playful element. Finally, with a large tree in the foreground put into silhouette with a luminaire placed behind the tree they added a sense of drama to the scheme. All light sources were concealed as much as possible to ensure the viewer would only see the lit effect, rather than being distracted by glare light points.