Robson Stannard’s inspiration behind his artwork featured at Velvet at the Corinthia, London

Presenting this short film commissioned by David Collins Studio and produced by Oh Kestrel, London-based artist Robson Stannard delves into the inspiration behind his artwork for dpa project, Velvet at the Corinthia, London. Click here to read more about this project.


Photography and video courtesy of David Collins studio

Photographer: Alex Upton

Videographer: Oh Kestrel


James Webb Space Telescope

We thought it would be really interesting to share images from NASA’s (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) incredible James Webb Space Telescope as they are simply amazing and, in some ways, hard for non astronomers like ourselves, to really comprehend. There is lots of information available on the NASA website and many other sites, should you wish to research further. The telescope is a partnership between NASA, the ESA (European Space Agency) and CSA (Canadian Space Agency). The first images to be released happened about a year ago in July 2022 and further images have been released over the last year which are the ones we have all seen published.

We understand the James Webb Space Telescope fundamentally detects infrared radiation, emitted by distant stars, planets and gas clouds and because of its incredible sensitivity can see light from billions of years ago in deepest space. The science is inspiring, the technology phenomenal and the images spectacular!


This video tours a portion of the Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex, the closest star-forming region to Earth. The image was taken to celebrate the first anniversary of the start of science operations for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. 

Credits: NASA, ESA, CSA, Greg Bacon (STScI)

The following images are courtesy of the NASA James Webb Space Telescope website:


Congratulations Johanna and Jennifer!

Gary and Nicholas are delighted to announce that Johanna Medina and Jennifer Flanagan have been promoted to Associate and Senior Designer respectively.  Both Johanna and Jennifer have been with the Practice for many years and have worked on projects across a variety of sectors all over the world.

Cunard’s Queen Anne due to set sail Summer 2024

This time next year dpa project Queen Anne will set sail for her maiden voyage, and we cannot wait to see her completed and in all her glory.  The video below gives a short insight into what to expect upon her launch.  Working with the collective creativity and knowledge of Carnival UK, David Collins Studio, Richmond International, Sybille de Margerie and Adam D. Tihany, we are excited to be involved in the next chapter in Cunard’s rich history.

Read about dpa‘s involvement here.

Client: Carnival UK
Interior Designers: David Collins Studio, Richmond International, Sybille de Margerie, Adam D. Tihany
Shipyard: Fincantieri
Video: Courtesy of Cunard


Reducing our Carbon Footprint at the dpa studio in Oxfordshire

dpa Oxfordshire decided to invest in solar panels as our large, steep-pitched, south-facing roof was ideal for an efficient installation. As well as hopefully being economically advantageous, we really liked the idea of reducing our Carbon Footprint. We decided not to have a battery but to sell back excess electricity as and when we produce more energy than required. Being an office generally occupied from 8 am to 7 pm, it is an ideal application. As you will see, we are delighted with our first full month’s results producing more electricity than we are consuming. Of course, we are now in the British Summer and results in the Winter will obviously not be the same, but we are very optimistic about this investment and the carbon emissions we have saved.


Neue Balan, Campus der Ideen, Balanstrasse, Munich: German Urban Development Prize 2023

dpa have been working in collaboration with Norbert Weickenmeier and Weickenmeier, Kunz + Partner Architects for many years now, and we are proud to announce that Neue Balan, Campus der Ideen, Balanstrasse, Munich received an “Award of Commendation” in last week’s German Urban Development Prize 2023 at the Academy of Arts in Berlin. Congratulations to the project team for this fantastic achievement.

Client: Allgemeine SÜDBODEN Grundbesitz AG
Architect: Norbert Weickenmeier and Weickenmeier, Kunz + Partner Architects
Electrical Consultant: ITG
Photography: Stefan Müller-Naumann


Pilmour House, St Andrews Links Trust – Winner at the 2023 RIAS Architectural Awards

It gives us great pleasure to announce that dpa project Pilmour House, St Andrews Links Trust Headquarters was a winner at the 2023 RIAS Architectural Awards last week, being the only commercial/office scheme to receive such an award. The project has already won awards at the DIA Awards 2022, the Scottish Design Awards 2022 and the Civic Trust Awards 2023. We are very proud to have worked on this exciting project and look forward to working with the design team again in the future.

Find out more about dpa‘s involvement here.


Client: St Andrews Links Trust
Architect: Nicoll Russell Studios, Broughty Ferry, Dundee
Interior Designer: Nicoll Russell Studios, Broughty Ferry, Dundee
MEP Services Consultant: Elders Consulting Engineers llp
Structural & Civil Engineer: Millard Consulting
Landscape Consultant: Harrison Stevens
Quantity Surveyor: Hardies Property & Construction Consultants
Clerk of works: Sentinel Clerk of Works Limited
Photography: Keith Hunter Photography




Working Knowledge

dpa Senior Associate Iain Carlile reviews two of the latest Lighting Research and Technology papers focusing on aspects of office lighting. Please click here to view this article in full.

This article was published in the Society of Light and Lighting’s newsletter ‘Light Lines’ May/June 2023 edition.

Further editions of the Society of Light and Lighting’s newsletter ‘Light Lines’ can be found on their website or by clicking here.

Darc Awards 2023: dpa’s installation – “Fourth Wall”

“Fourth Wall”,  featured at the Darc Awards 2023 on 30th March at Fabric, London, was a collaboration between dpa lighting, ELR (Engineered Lighting Revolution) and Truelux.   The fully immersive installation was designed to put the viewer in the place of their favourite actors by transporting them into some of the most iconically lit moments in film history by bathing the participant in various colour palettes from the rich history of the silver screen. The inspiration for the installation and for each ‘Scene’ came from different lighting techniques used throughout the history of cinematography to convey a wide-ranging sense of moods and emotions to the viewer. Unique layers of light were used to set the mood within the installation whilst specific colours, lighting angles and effects were tailored to each genre to set the scene for …Horror of the 1930’s …Hollywood Musicals …1920’s Film Noir …Science Fiction Movies …Classic Action Film.


Photography courtesy of Truelux

Ahmed Elalawi joins dpa’s Oxfordshire studio

Nick Hoggett and Richard Bolt are delighted to announce the arrival of Ahmed Elalawi to dpa’s Oxfordshire studio, where he joins as a Designer.  Richard commented, “we warmly welcome Ahmed to the practice and wish him every success in independent lighting design”.

Shayne Grist-Holton and Ian Clarke promoted to Senior Associates in the Clifton Studio

Nick Hoggett and Richard Bolt are delighted to announce that Shayne Grist-Holton and Ian Clarke have been made Senior Associates. Both Shayne and Ian have been with the Practice for many years leading teams on numerous projects across a variety of sectors and many different countries, making a significant contribution to the overall success of dpa lighting consultants.