Spectrum, Waldorf Astoria, Amsterdam, Netherlands

We have a long standing relationship with the Waldorf Hotel Amsterdam and their Owners so were very happy to be asked to work with David Clixby of GA Design on the lighting for Spectrum, a signature restaurant within the property.  The understated elegance of the dining space provides the perfect backdrop for the incredible two Michelin star food led by Chef Sidney Schutte and Restaurant Manager Cas Kratz.  The restaurant is punctuated with powerful art and flower displays all appropriately illuminated to add drama to the space whilst focus remains on the tables.

Owner: DvM b.v.
Operator: Sidney Schutte (best to contact the hotel and ask them this)
Architect: OeverZaaijer
Interior Design: GA Design
Photography: Joseph Briare; Underpromise Agency – Mart Goossens and Alexander Sporre





Woven by Adam Smith, Coworth Park, Berkshire

Working in close collaboration with Martin Hulbert Design and Studio Umut Yamac, dpa are pleased to present Woven by Adam Smith. A completely reimagined Michelin-starred culinary experience set in the luxurious spa hotel Coworth Park, with bespoke artworks and considered lighting highlighting the Studio Umut Yamac designed ‘Loom’ ceiling sculptures, woven screens and feature cantilevered table lights.

On arrival, each table is carefully curated by Martin Hulbert Design with a single sculptural conker shell and stem as a focal element on the table. The adjustable cantilevered table light, designed by Studio Umut Yamac, is in a lowered position to accent the sculpture. When seated, the light is ceremoniously raised to light the whole table ready for dining. Above the diners the ‘Loom’ sculptures sinuously glide across the ceiling with concealed integrated uplighting to the hundreds of threads running through it. The screens below provide a comforting backdrop to the seating areas and echo the same design vernacular as the ‘Looms’, again with concealed linear lighting.

dpa were involved with all aspects of the lighting specification and integration for both architectural and sculptural lighting by Studio Umut Yamac. Carefully selected lighting has been integrated into shelving displays and interior details such as the ceiling and wall coves as well as spot lighting throughout to accent interior features and walls. Lighting mock-ups with the design team were also integral to the success of the project to perfect the lighting prior to manufacture, and tests of the architectural lighting were carried out on the existing shell of the restaurant.

All elements within the restaurant are dimmable via a new lighting control system to give the flexibility of utilising the artificial lighting to ‘lift’ the space with appropriate levels of light during the day and add to the memorable dining experience in the evening by providing a softer and welcoming ambience through the hours of darkness.

Operator:  Dorchester Collection
Client: Coworth Park
Interior Design: Martin Hulbert Design; Studio Umut Yamac
Photography: Courtesy of Martin Hulbert Design; Photographer: Mark Bolton


The Claw BBQ – Hilton Dubai Palm Jumeirah

CLAW BBQ Hilton Dubai Palm is the latest venue for the well-known crabshack and dive bar. Vibrant atmosphere meets American vibe, the lighting design and implementation played a key role in helping to bring the restaurant to life.

Client: Hilton Hotels and Resorts / Claw BBQ
Interior Designer: Prospect Design International
Photography: North Digital

Barfly by Buddha Bar – Hilton Dubai Palm Jumeirah

A Neo-Baroque concept decorated with warm reds, gold steel and aubergine tones and colours. The latest destination from the world-famous Buddha-Bar stable, Barfly is a rich and exquisite explosion to the senses. Challenging the concepts of bar, dining and entertainment, the concept by George V Eatertainment and detailing by Design Wapler & Associates set a high bar for the lighting design. We were tasked with creating and implementing a successful lighting strategy for all the front-of-house areas.

The venue is rich with material, objects of interest, pockets of excitement coupled with sound and taste. The lighting design had to seamlessly fit in with the interior story without distracting from it but placing emphasis just where it was needed. Discreet luminaires have been used to allow as much integration into the fabric of the interior as possible, with judicial placing to highlight points of interest and promote contrast and shadow. Dimming and optic controls were significant in creating the required mood and atmosphere as the day and evening progress to the late hours.

Client: Hilton Hotels and Resorts / Barfly by Buddha-Bar
Interior Designer: George V Eatertainment and Design Wapler & Associates
Photography: North Digital


McGettigan’s Factory – Hilton Dubai Palm Jumeirah

We were delighted to be involved in the first upmarket brand from the Irish pub group and in such a prestigious location. The interiors designed by Frank Ennis and Associates are industrial eclectic with a wide collection of nostalgia, decorative pieces, and varied materials. The large venue is also divided into different areas of experience to cater for a range of guests. Our brief was to work closely with the brand and designers to create a lighting scheme for all front-of-house areas and for all times of operation. The biggest challenge presented to us was the sheer number of visual elements, structures, materials and textures on the walls and ceilings. Added to this were the performance areas with theatrical lighting, video displays and high atmosphere. These had to be balanced, prioritised and enhanced with a sympathetic and dynamic lighting strategy. Special care and attention were given to the selection of luminaires that were either rustic, theatrical or industrial in aesthetic to match the theme of the interior, all the while retaining good light performance. All the luminaires throughout the project are digitally controlled to allow us to set a variety of moods and atmospheres throughout the hours of operation and within the different areas of activity.

Client: Hilton Hotels and Resorts / Factory by McGettigan’s
Interior Designer: Frank Ennis & Associates
Photography: North Digital


Duck & Waffle, Edinburgh

Continuing our relationship with Fabled Studio, dpa are pleased to present Duck & Waffle, Edinburgh. This exciting, saturated, surrealist neon dream was a fantastically fun experience for our designers. Warm–dim, quasi-theatrical projectors form the backbone of the lighting scheme, suspended from theatrical trussing at high level and producing dramatic accentuation for the dining tables.

Integrated linear LED is tucked within concealed detailing throughout and is particularly effective around the live kitchen / dining stations, which are all presented on an elevated stage platform, floated with light. Flat panel LED lighting is integrated into the bar and service station shelving to create sparkle through the bottles and glassware. At the open bar, this is all reflected inside a giant, polished whiskey still canopy above.

Modernity is mixed with tradition in the private dining spaces, where you can dine with an audience of refined Scottish waterfowl, all properly illuminated with dedicated artwork lighting. The scheme is brought together with neon signage throughout.

Project Manager: Gardiner & Theobold
Interior Designer: Fabled Studio
Photography: Courtesy of Duck & Waffle

MSC World Europa

The ship allows for completely distinct zones for different themes, moods and experiences. dpa worked in close collaboration with MSC and the extensive architectural design team across the plethora of venues, which includes 33 restaurants, speciality restaurants, bars and lounges, to sculpt a vibrant cosmopolitan environment for the varied guest experience.


Owner: MSC Cruises
Builder: Chantiers de l’Atlantique, Saint-Nazaire, France
Architects/Design Team: De Jorio Design International, AD Associates, SMC Design, YSA Design, Tillberg Design of Sweden, Studio Daz
Photography: Courtesy MSC Cruises, Photographer: Ivan Sarfatti

Velvet at the Corinthia, London

dpa were thrilled to be commissioned by Corinthia London to develop the lighting scheme alongside renowned Interior Designers, David Collins Studio for the new Velvet Bar at the Corinthia.

Velvet takes the place of Corinthia’s former bar “Bassoon”, which has been completely reimagined by David Collins Studio. The transformation sees furniture re-upholstered, rich velvet drapery introduced and new artwork by Robson Stannard throughout; dpa worked closely with both the Hotel and David Collins Studio to highlight these new features appropriately. All lighting has been re-lamped, with beam angles carefully considered, re-aimed and scene-set to create focus and drama throughout the bar. The introduction of additional theatre-style Par Can lights to a new stage area, backed by the deep red velvet drapery, creates a new focus to Velvet, transporting guests back to the roaring twenties, an era where opulence, indulgence and celebration took centre stage. The lighting levels were carefully considered to provide a seductive, intimate atmosphere that compliments the magic and theatre of the acclaimed bartender and mixologist Salvatore Calabrese’s innovative twist on classic cocktails. It has already been claimed that this will be one of London’s most desirable cocktail destinations.

Client: Corinthia Hotel
Interior Designer: David Collins Studio
Photographer: Alex Upton Photography


KOYN Japanese Restaurant, London

KOYN restaurant in Mayfair, housed within the renovated building formerly occupied by the US Embassy and Canadian High Commission and set back within the Grosvenor Square development, has a striking first impression.

The food offering showcases a broad spectrum of Japanese cuisine with a stunning sushi bar at ground floor, and a Robata counter at lower ground providing the theatre of open fire cooking. The lower ground floor is also complimented with a private dining space and is connected to the upper floor by a striking staircase lit with concealed linear lighting to the steps and walls. The bar is nestled in the corner of the ground floor in dark and moody tones of wood and natural stones and lit to reveal the specialist drinks and objects on display.

The lighting provides a cohesive approach to exposing and expressing the interesting materials throughout the restaurant and bar. Always concealed, allowing only the materials and any decorations to be seen as well as, of course, the food to provide visual interest to each table and bar & counter throughout.

Client: LSL Capital
Interior Designer: Fabled Studio
Project Manager: Emmaus Consulting
M&E Consultant: Barlows MEP Services Ltd
Photography: James McDonald


Veeraswamy, London, UK

dpa have been working closely with Camellia Panjabi, Namita Panjabi, and Ranjit Mathrani of MW Eat for 19 years, designing the lighting for their three fine dining restaurants and the various Masala Zones throughout Central London. Each restaurant is individual and makes dining a special occasion with truly authentic Indian food that is simply exceptional, coupled with outstanding service and magical interiors that further enhance the whole experience. Established in 1926, the fine dining restaurant Veeraswamy is the UK’s oldest Indian restaurant. It was recently refurbished, with the lighting playing an important part in representing the spaces. dpa worked closely with the owners and interior designer Jeffrey Wilkes in the development of the lighting design.

The lighting creates drama on the tables, to the exquisite display case full of brightly coloured turbans and glassware at the entrance and on to other art and sculpture. A combination of decorative lighting elements and carefully integrated architectural lighting provides decoration and ambience to the dining rooms. The dining space is split into three distinct areas, all with their own look and feel. The lighting is carefully scene-set through a dimming system to create exactly the right mood for lunch, early evening and throughout the night.

Owner: MW Eat – Camellia Panjabi, Namita Panjabi and Ranjit Mathrani
Interior Designer: Jeffrey Wilkes, DESIGNWILKES
Photography: Courtesy of MW Eat


OKKU Japanese Restaurant, Riyadh, KSA

dpa were delighted to be commissioned to produce the lighting design for OKKU, an award-winning Japanese Restaurant, operating in Riyadh. The original and innovative space features two distinct floors where guests are greeted by Samurai warriors, a signature Jelly Fish Tank, a giant Japanese Bell and exquisite interior detailing to compliment the food and beverage.

dpa were very proud to work again with OKKU on another iconic restaurant and worked closely with the design team and client to bring out the richness and detail of the interiors with light, in a subtle and sympathetic manner.

Client: Whissle
Interior Designer: LW Design Group
Photography: Courtesy of OKKU

Hilton Cologne, Germany

The Hilton Hotel in the heart of Cologne City has undergone a dramatic and creative renovation to its reception lobby and ground floor areas with the addition of the Pigeon Post Bar & Eatery. General Manager, Martin Soerensen played a significant role in driving the project from site during the recent difficult times along with Project Managers Chandler KBS and Hilton Interior Design team.
The new spaces are connected as a culinary social hub as open and semi-open spaces visually connecting with each other.
The interiors of the restored heritage building have been designed by the creative London based Interior designers THDP. The site was once home to Cologne’s postal savings bank, so a sophisticated and slick vintage design ethos was created by THDP, with a contemporary interior featuring interesting and quirky design elements moulded into the fabric of the spaces.

The reception and feature bar are at the heart of each space and provided excellent opportunity for interesting lighting integrated to enhance the interior elements and surrounding space. Decorative lighting elements help further to provide accent and interest throughout.

Finally, and importantly, an architectural lighting control system was used to provide the various important transitions to the mood and ambience of the spaces creating bright and inviting spaces during the day and moody, cosy spaces at night.

Client/Operator: Hilton International
Interior Designer: THDP
Project Manager: Chandler KBS
Photographer: Stefan Bunkofer

Tasca and Netsu Restaurants at the
Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai

Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai is a newly constructed, 5 Star resort style hotel located on Dubai’s Arabian Gulf shoreline.

Over a period of 4 years, dpa worked in close collaboration with the Client, Operator and Design Team WASL Group, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Architects DAR and Interior Designers Design Wilkes and Silverfox to design the lighting solutions for all public FoH areas of the Hotel, internally and externally.

Interior Design for the Guestrooms, Public Areas and Ballroom facilities was undertaken by Design Wilkes.  Silverfox Studios provided the Interior Design for the Spa and Fitness Centre and the Specialty Restaurants, The Bay, Tasca and Netsu.  Landscape design was courtesy of 40North and Cracknells.

As part of the design brief dpa worked closely with all parties from initial conception stage, ensuring that the lighting design was cohesive throughout the hotel, and well integrated within the Interior Design and Architecture.

dpa followed the project through to the construction stages, maintaining a regular presence on site to ensure the designs were fully understood and coordinated with the various contractors, suppliers, consultants and site teams.

Whilst all spaces are special in their own way, the most impactful moments within the Hotel occur in the Main Lobby and within Netsu Restaurant.

The Main Lobby is very important, forming the first impression of the Hotel for arriving guests and visitors.  At 12 metres tall, it provided a challenge to ensure that the lighting was sufficient to adequately illuminate the space during daylight hours, with the dimming range to provide subtlety and ambience after dark.  A discreet, linear, ceiling recessed system was designed and specified, allowing high output linear LED luminaires to be installed in a way which matched the rhythm of the architecture and the ceiling.

At ground level, there is a colonnade of 14 Light Trees, designed by Design Wilkes and Preciosa, with technical and aesthetic input from dpa. The Trees feature approximately 900 individually addressed LED light points, illuminating hand blown glass leaves. The leaves are programmed to produce dynamic ripples of light, individually varying their brightness to create differing effects. The arrangement of the colonnades leads the eye along the central water feature, and through to the landscaped, beach adjacent courtyard and lap pool.

Within Netsu, a signature restaurant on the ground level, Silverfox Studios produced an industrial aesthetic, with a combination of rugged and natural materials. The brief was to create a theatrical dining experience, to use the central open Robata kitchen as a ‘stage’.

In response to this, dpa implemented a series of suspended lighting truss rigs, upon which were mounted theatrical RGBW projectors, with variable beam angles and focussing.  These projectors were used to provide warm white intensity at the points where food is displayed and served, and dramatic coloured accents around the space.  RGBW linear floodlights were mounted on top of the rigs to provide a coloured wash of light to the MEP service at high level, accentuating the height and industrial aesthetic of the space.

Owner: WASL Group
Operator: Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
Project Manager: DAR
Architect: DAR
Interior Designer for Public Areas: Design Wilkes
Interior Designer for Spa and Restaurants: Silverfox Studios
Interior Design Co-ordinators: PMQ
Landscape Consultants: 40North and Cracknells
MEP Consultant: SEED Engineering
Photography: Alex Jeffries Photography Group
dpa Project Team: David McNeil, Douglas Brennan and Tim Leeding


Coppa Club Maidenhead, UK

dpa Lighting Consultants have been fortunate to work with Quadrant Design and Georgina Brennan Interior Design on the lighting design to the Coppa Club, Maidenhead. Our approach to the Lighting Design was to work with both client/operations teams, and the design team to ensure that the appropriate ambience and accent was achieved with lighting to enhance the interior and exterior spaces. Our lighting design included a sympathetic approach to the architectural lighting, with concealed lighting where possible to expose interesting interior features with minimal down lighting so that the overall ambience is created with decorative features and elements. Lighting control was extremely significant for all areas to balance natural light during the day both when bright and overcast but more importantly at night when more intimate scenes were created for early and late evening. Finally, the overall brief and vision of a warm jewel of interior spaces was successfully achieved especially when viewed from the Berkshire Cut River.

Client: Strada
Interior Designer: Quadrant Design
Project Manager: Simon Bristow Associates



JW Marriott Hotel Nara, Japan

dpa lighting consultants were delighted to be asked to work in collaboration with GA Design, Marriott Hotels and Mori Trust on the first international luxury hotel in Nara, Japan. The new JW Marriott is located a short distance from the Nara Park and ancient temples which provided inspiration for the project. The simplicity of heavy timber beams and stone from the temples and local homes have been reinterpreted by Joanna Biggs, lead Interior Designer for this hotel together with references to the local landscape and culture.

The guests receive a warm welcome with the feeling of a luxury residential home due to the natural interior finishes and warm coloured lamps. The connection with nature is immediate in the lobby such as the panoramic view of mountains surrounding Nara, drawn on the wall behind the reception. The lighting is irradiating to this artwork by colour temperature changing lamps which are programmed to synchronize with the daylight outside.

Client: Mori Trust
Hotel Operator: Marriott Hotels and Resorts
Interior Designer: GA Design
Photography: Courtesy of JW Marriott Hotel Nara, Japan





Juliet Rose Bar, Hilton Munich City, Germany

The Juliet Rose Bar at the Hilton Munich City has the Rose at the heart of its theme, side by side with the botanics of the beverage and food menus. There is a spirit of alchemy in the interior both for the design and purpose, with the large bar being the focus of the space where the theatre of signature cocktails are accented with perfectly placed and coordinated light to create drama and focus. The interior adapts through the day from morning to late into the evening with a warm and inviting atmosphere, created with very warm lighting elements and lamps which are dimmed low at night to create the desired and appropriate ambience.

The interiors have been designed by London based Interior Designers Goddard Littlefair with dpa working closely with them on all aspects of the lighting. Each lighting element was carefully considered and placed to enhance the space and provide the appropriate atmosphere.

Operator: Hilton Hotels & Resorts and Juliet Rose Bar
Interior Designer: Goddard Littlefair
Photography: Fanning Tseng – Yes! Please Enjoy Photography

H&M Barcelona, Spain

On 3rd February 2017, Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) launched their brand new Flagship store in Barcelona, Spain, which is sited on Passeig de Gràcia, one of the major avenues in Barcelona and one of its most important shopping and business areas, containing several of the city’s most celebrated pieces of architecture.

dpa undertook the lighting design of the historical lobby and the newly introduced Flax & Kale café, within the heritage spaces of this 1950’s property, which was a former HQ for insurance company Banco Vitalicio de España.

The lighting scheme for the historic lobby features decorative custom pendant luminaires with dedicated, directional lighting to the merchandise displays.  At the same time, finely integrated linear lighting solutions accentuate the important architectural features within the space, whilst being respectful to the buildings heritage.

The Flax & Kale café represents an innovative new concept and experience for H&M.  The lighting provides a clean, airy yet warm space that compliments the interior architecture and distinguishes itself from the adjacent retail areas.  At the same time, the design seamlessly combines the bright and fun character of H&M with the warmth and design lines of the Flax & Kale tradition.

The lighting installation is fully reversible, with minimal disturbance to the historic building fabric, whilst achieving a theatrical lit result for customers to enjoy.

Client:   Hennes & Mauritz (H&M)
Café Operator: Flax & Kale, Barcelona
Flax & Kale Interior Designer:  Estudi Francesc Pons, Barcelona
Photography: dpa lighting consultants


Trèsind, Dubai, UAE

Located on the 2nd Floor of the Nassima Royal Hotel in Dubai DIFC Tresind is well known for their Indian molecular gastronomy. Following the recent renovation the restaurant is coming back with 2 new dining concepts.

In the dining experience, one has the comfort of dining with the signature dishes along with new explorations in the Modernist Indian Cuisine, paired with some of the most unique concepts in mixology. Trèsind Studio is an immersive intimate affair, guided as a chefs table experience.

In the main dining area the walls and feature wall frames are finished in dark blue whilst the entire ceiling is covered in blue and white wallpaper. Long tables placed centrally in the space act as serving stations and carry Jars of spices, frequently used in Indian cuisine that add colour and texture. Narrow beam spotlights provide a sense of theatricality as the staff moves around these tables while serving the guests.

The dining tables are located in pockets around the perimeter of the space in pairs providing a sense of privacy. Integrated linear lighting grazes the louvered panels that cover the windows from behind providing a sense of depth. The frames on the walls on either side of the tables are highlighted by picture lights, whilst the tables are softly accentuated.

Similar approach has been applied in the Studio. Here the focal point is the preparation counter. The lighting levels here are generally lower due to the lighter finishes on the walls and ceiling and to promote the 180o views out to the city.

Project Credits:

Client: Passion F&B Management Consultancies
Interior Designer: Modo Milano
MEP Consultant: Akins

Kerridge’s Bar & Grill, Corinthia Hotel London, UK

We were delighted to be commissioned by Corinthia London to work with David Collins Studio on the new Kerridge’s Bar & Grill at the Corinthia, which has already received fabulous reviews and is clearly one of the most important restaurant openings in London this year.

David Collins Studio worked closely with Tom Kerridge to transform the space into a sumptuous and atmospheric dining room and bar that was in keeping with the whole ethos of Britishness that Tom wanted for his first restaurant in London.

dpa worked very closely with Simon Rawlings and the team at David Collins Studio from the concept to the final set up, crafting the lighting design. Painting the ceiling dark green and removing the huge chandeliers that were in the space was carefully considered to change the emphasis of the room, bringing all the life, decoration and sparkle down to the lower human levels of both the dining room and bar area. Additional layers have been added with art including two large bronze sculptures by Beth Cullen-Kerridge and three pieces by Robi Walters, as well as the introduction of illuminated gantries over the bar and rotisserie areas.

Each table, the artwork and bar are lit by a series of narrow beam spotlights above apertures in each ceiling bay. At low level there are various decorative lighting elements and integrated architectural lighting throughout the spaces. Each component is separately controlled and dimmed to create the perfect balance visually in the space day and night. As with many of our projects candles are as important, if not more important than all the other lighting elements providing that soft dancing light across the tables and brushing people’s faces with a warm glow. The whole space has a beautiful softness and warmth both during the day and at night.

Client: Corinthia London
Interior Design: David Collins Studio
Artwork: Beth Cullen-Kerridge and Robi Walters
Photography: Cristian Barnett and Kensington Leverne

Masala Zone Covent Garden, London, UK

MW Eat own and operate three fine dining restaurants and several Masala Zone establishments across London, which provide sophisticated informal dining with authentic Indian cuisine. dpa has been working closely with MW Eat for the last 15 years, not only are they passionate about authentic food but the group’s passion extends to all aspects of their restaurants, which is what makes them so special.

Featured here are images of Masala Zone Covent Garden with the incredibly colourful Rajasthan puppets dramatically uplit, the vibrant bar with carefully integrated layers of light and focused pools of light on each table exposing the visual delights of the food as it is served. The eclectic decorative chandeliers, small pendants and wall lights add important layers of decorative illumination to the various spaces, and sophistication to the visual experience.

The lighting is grouped with many layers individually controlled to create the perfect balance of drama and warmth throughout the day and into the evening. The lighting changes automatically and with unperceivable fades from one scene to another.

Owner: MW Eat – Namita Panjabi, Camellia Panjabi and Ranjit Mathrani
Interior Designer: Design Wilkes
Architect: Anthony Richardson & Partners
Photography: Courtesy of MW Eat